We’re off to Wolstenholme Creative Space tomorrow to soak up their Homeland exhibition: an exploration of the notion of Homeland. Security, safety, identity and boundaries: explored and examined by a range of Liverpool artists.

The only way to prepare? Check out this ten minute chiller from NYC’s supreme electronic artist and agitator, Laurie Anderson. Taken from her Homeland project, Another Day In America is the dark heart of a collection that uncomfortably, and unflinchingly examines the land she calls home, and the birthplace of the Homeland aesthetic. A mindset of safety, security and territory, or something altogether more sinister?


“You know the reason I really love the stars?
Is that we cannot hunt them
We can’t burn them or flood them, or blow them up,
Or turn them out.
But we are reaching for them.
We are reaching for them…”

Homeland, until 5 Feb
Wolstenholme Creative Space.

Review to follow.

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