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Chances are, this Saturday afternoon, you could spend it mooching around town. Bit of shopping, put the lottery on, grab a pasty, spray tan. Usual stuff.

But, why let all those wasted afternoons drift into a vague Saturday soup when you could make this one last forever?

Here’s the plan. Take part in the Liverpool Photowalk this Saturday, document your day, and, years later, you can look back on a weekend in the city, captured in all its technicolour glory. Or black and white glory for that matter. Whatever, a photo lasts longer than a St Tropez tan and a Greggs sausage roll (although they do have a tendency to repeat on us).

Our city’s not short of sure-shot snappers, and one of SevenStreets’ favourites, Pete Carr, is leading this weekend’s shooting party through our streets.

liverpool photowalk woman

The Liverpool Photowalk forms part of the International Photowalk Day, created by Photoshop guru Scott Kelby. This is its third outing – and you’ll find it taking place from Reykjavik to Auckland.

“The idea is that, all over the world, people meet up with some form of camera, and go for a walk,” Carr tells SevenStreets.

The walks last around two hours, and usually – as most walks tend to – end in a welcoming hostelry. And, sure, you’re being lead by one of Liverpool’s most in-demand photographers, but don’t let that hold you back.

“Its not about taking the best photos ever. Its about meeting up with like minded people and having a laugh. People always ask me “Do you need a DSLR?” and I say no. Just something that’ll take a photo.”

SevenStreets would never ask such a question. Although, if pushed, we might ask ‘What’s a DSLR?’ (isn’t it a light railway that takes you to the O2 Arena?).

“You can get great photos from an iPhone using Hipstamtic for on the go processing,” Carr says, adding: “There’ll be film users there too. It’s not about cameras, its about taking photos and having fun.”

Last year’s route wound its way from the Anglican Cathedral down Duke Street to Bold St, Liverpool ONE and finally to the Albert Dock.

“As we left Albert Dock we stumbled upon a hen party who were all too happy to pose for us,” Carr recalls. “It’s best not to put your camera away until you get home. This is Liverpool after all…”

This year, the walk starts at St George’s Hall before moving over to the Baltic Fleet Pub. En route, the crocodile of snappers will meander past the Adelphi, St Lukes (Bombed Out Church), Chinatown, The Contemporary Urban Cetnre and the Baltic Quarter.

And if you can’t find something to snap along that particular route, we’d suggest you pop in to Specsavers on the way home.

liverpool photowalkers

“The walk starts at 5pm so it’s best to get there a little before so you can meet your fellow walkers,” Carr says. “We’ll hang around St George’s Hall and the museums for a bit as they’re a great location, but it’s usually the characters we come across along the way that really steal the show…”

Calling all hen parties…

Places are getting, ahem, snapped up fast. So get in touch.

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  1. What a great concept. I had no idea whatsoever that this occured. Articles like this are making sevenstreets increasingly indispensable for finding out about life in our city. Keep up the good work.

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