Imagine a shark. Teeth, dead eyes, super-heated fast-muscle twitch. Pretty frightening eh? Now imagine a tornado. Wind and stuff, yeah? But what if sharks were caught up in a tornado and deposited onto the soft heads of some standard LA hardbodies and faded starlets?

The thing is, it’s not so impossible. Schools of fish have been known to be sucked up through water spouts and deposited onto land. Sharks? We’re not sure – but that hasn’t stopped a shitsploitation film investigating the very probable consequences of what would happen were dangerous fish and said weather formation to meet. They’re probably discussing it at the IPCC right now.

Sharknado is running as part of the excellent Abandon Normal Devices – the festival of new cinema, digital culture and art that runs over the first week of October. There’s a packed programme of events besides B-movie pulp that deserve your attention, with this showing of the new generation of B-movie standard-bearer closing out the event.

Until then, you’re going to need a bigger brolly.

Abandon Normal Devices: Sharknado
11pm, 5 October

Win Sharknado tickets!

You can win two tickets to the screening at FACT by impressing us with your most amusing or unlikely pairings of dangerous animals with threatening weather conditions: Dog Fog; Lizard Blizzard; that sort of thing. Write them in the comment form below – we’ll holler if you win.

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