DraculaIf you think braving the ODEON on a Saturday night is scary, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Jameson Cult Film Club will be celebrating Halloween on the 28 October in St. George’s Hall, where the original, and best Dracula (Hammer, 1958) starring Christopher Lee, will be screened. The event will be hosted by Stephen Graham, star of cult films such as Snatch and This is England. Tickets are free, but SevenStreets has a guaranteed pair of tickets to hand over.

And, should the prospect of seeing all those really so lifelike flying bats, those heaving bosoms, and that ketchup-coloured blood scares the bejesus out of you, we’ll even throw in a bottle of Jameson too. That’s got to be better than a family sized diet Pepsi and popcorn.

Dracula 2“Dracula is one of those true, genre-defining films that formed a benchmark for all other horror filmmakers,” Graham tells SevenStreets. And the suitably gothic venue? “Perfect. And haunted, apparently,” he adds.

Jameson promises that the event will be brought to life, through actors, props and some ‘special surprises’, to add a truly unique and terrifying experience. Oh, and lashings of Jameson cocktails available on the night, but of course.

To apply for your free tickets to these events, all you have to do is sign up to the Jameson Cult Film Club blog.

To enter:

Who had a hit with Hammer Horror?

a) Katie Melua
b) Kate Nash
c) Kate Bush

Send your answers to info@sevenstreets.com, marked Jameson, by 23 October.  Good luck!

Jameson Film Club, 28 October
St George’s Hall, Liverpool

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