Not all DJ nights are created equal. For those who like a little more texture to their tunes, Echo and the Bunnymen’s stoker-in-chief, Will Sergeant is like an aural shot of Anaglypta to our ears. Will hosts the monthly Friction night at 3345, Parr Street. It used to be at Korova, but his tunes were so smokin’ hot, well, you know the rest. Let’s put it this way, the insurance assessor’s got him in his sights…

Will SergeantSo, what can we expect from the night?

Me playing tunes people should know but probably don’t. We also have a couple of live acts on, all free of charge. Our house band is the Psyche soaked Wicked Whispers withsupport from Beautiful chanteur Eva Peterson (shouldn’t that be chanteuse? Oh well, we guess Will knows her better than we do).

As for me I play mainly 60’s Psyche and Garage but have been known to traverse the worlds of Kraut Rock, Northern Soul Electro and even Prog. At Korova we once played Echoes off the 1971 album Meddle by Pink Floyd. All 22 minutes of it. We went to the Lobster Pot for chips and got back for the last 10 minutes.

I do play some new bands on occasion, but they generally sound like they came from the 60’s anyway..the B.J.M. the Black Angets. Wooden Shjips. (not a spelling mistake), Entrance. That sort of thing. Noisy bastards.

Give us three sample tunes you’ll (possibly) be playing.

Chains Of Love J. J. Barnes Keep The Faith (Cream Of Northern Soul)
Vacuum Cleaner Tintern Abbey Nuggets II: 1964-1969
Le Responcible Jacques Dutronc Blow Up A Go-Go

SevenStreets saw you and Mac on the festival circuit this summer. Do you still enjoy it all?

Playing live is the best thing about being in a band. When it’s great it’s the best feeling in the World. When it goes wrong though give me a spade and I will dig my own grave.

Are you deep in rehearsals for playing Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here in full this winter? How’s it going?

Not started yet, we play quite a few of the songs on a regular basis so it should be fine when we get down to it.

Do you go out in Liverpool much? Where do you like?

I live about 20 miles from Liverpool so I only go in on special occasions, to see gigs or exhibitions. If there is time I try to fit in a visit to the pub. Ye crac, the Philharmonic, the Dispensary. and the Ship and Mitre are my favorites. I like a pint of cask ale. I like the static gallery to see bands, the Everyman Bistro for food or the Quarter up by Hope street.

Can we ever replace Korova?

Who knows? the word on the street is the Shipping Forecast is the new Korova but what do I know I live deep in the woods and if I see a squirrel chomping on an acorn I’m happy.

If we request Initials BB will you do the honours?

Absolutely.  You have good taste. You should check out my french mix on Bunnymen Radio

I love Serge Gainsbourg and all those trippy French chats. That’s French for cat. I’m trying to be clever here.

Friction, 4 Novemeber
(but usually the last Thursday of the month)
33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool

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