Fast becoming one of our favourite new spaces in the city, the Philharmonic’s Music Room is one of those smart interventions that makes you think, what took us so long? A place to discover really new music, and road test that internal monologue that says you’ve got incredibly broad musical taste, because you’ve got Beach House and Beyonce on the same playlist. Oh, that’s just us.

This month alone, you can be exposed to more genuinely thrilling new musical experiences here than an entire month’s worth of 6Music playlists. From the haunting, spine-tingling wall of sound created by Inner Mongolia’s Anda Union, to the joyous noise created by Scots new-folk terrorists, Breabach (we love ‘em), this is the best music venue you’ve never been to. They do great food, too.

Honestly, do yourself a favour. Go see someone you’ve never heard of, playing a genre of music you know nothing about, that no Liverpool music blog ever writes about. It’s scientifically proven to be 77% more beneficial for your brain than mindfulness and oily fish. Then again, there’s always Pins, at the O2 on the 16th. That works too.

The Music Room
Royal Philharmonic Hall

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