Have you decided who you’re voting for in the Liverpool mayoral elections this week? No, us neither.

All joking aside, we’re all a tad ambivalent at SevenStreets. That’s not to say that we don’t care – more a symptom of the fact that we’re not sure the case has been laid out for the benefits, or what the candidates stand for has been clearly explored.

In the first case, several candidates actually don’t believe that the Liverpool mayor position should exist – arguing that a mayor for Merseyside would be able to lev more cash from central government. Could it be the first example of that oft-quoted cliche – the first act of an elected official being to resign? Well, probably not actually.

We’re carrying an interview with Liam Fogarty – if he has the time to reply to us in the run-up to Thursday’s polling day – but we didn’t get around to chasing down the rest of the candidates. That our bad.

But we think your views will be just as interesting as the candidates’ (head over to David Bartlett’s excellent Dale Street Associates for more depth and stuff on the actual candidates).

Who are you voting for – and why? Who do you least want representing Liverpool as its first elected mayor? What are your hopes – and fears? Will you vote on local issues – or broader matters? Who do you trust to best represent Liverpool on a national basis? And what should be the first thing that Liverpool’s elected mayor tackles?

That’s assuming that you think we need a mayor. And we’ve not even talked about Herbert.

We think you’re some of Liverpool’s most eloquent, passionate and thoughtful people – so we thought we’d ask you.

Tell us who’ll get your vote on Thursday – and why?

10 Responses to “Who are you backing for Liverpool mayor?”

  1. Spencer

    Shocked to see Liam Fogarty in front, his manifesto is truly awful and flimsy. I would say style without substance but it lacks style too, dear me.

  2. suzy from liverpool

    When my parents were born, it was all India. I am Liverpool born and originate from the IndoPak subcontinent. They were 6ish when the British drew in the border split. I agree with a lot of the BNP, NF and EDP proposals and suggest a new policy:repatriation for all those NF,BNP,EDP want to get rid of. I would like a colonial house up, in say, Darjeeling-all paid for and that. Reptriation and reparation, now.

  3. I’m not voting because this isn’t a role we’ve had any say in wanting. Where’s the debate? Where’s the promised referendum? We get a fundamental change in the way our city is run dumped on us by a weird mixture of Tory arrogance and Joe Anderson’s naked ambition. I hope no one votes in this undemocratic sham.

  4. AndyO

    Joe Anderson is a blert. None of the others have said anything which struck me as remotely interesting, except for John Coyne with his open source IT policy for the council.

    Also, I am neither a supporter of or an apologist for any far-right racist scum, but how odd that two of their candidates have been arrested just before the election? Could this be a manifestation of the shadowy forces which Herbert hinted at?

  5. Chris

    John Coyne is a joke, at the mayoral debate he was one of the weakest. Besides he left the lib dems while he was an elected lib dem councillor and moved to the greens before the tide started shifting. Fogerty is the strongest candidate with joe not that far behind.

  6. Chris, john Coyne left lib dems in 06 or 07 on a point of principle. Lib dems ran Liverpool til 2010 so the accusation that he was opportunistic is totally baseless. He has always been very green minded, doesn’t own a car, and is an very committed local councillor.

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