We’ve talked about the wonders of DoES and Liverpool’s maker community before. But talk is cheap. Making stuff is far more interesting. So we’re chuffed to see John McKerrell’s much mooted project, WhereDial, finally developed and ready to ship after a year’s tinkering down Hanover Street way.

Ah, the Internet of Things – whether you think it’s a real-world bolt on of immeasurable benefit when you need to water your tomato plants from a beach in Tenerife, or you think it’s just another way for you boss to spy on you when you’re ‘working from home’ but actually on a beach in, er, Tenerife it’s here to stay.

WhereDial isn’t quite as sneaky as a location-aware company car, but it can let your loved ones know when you’re leaving work and heading for the station, whether you’ve arrived home safely, or whether that post-work pint has stretched a little.

The WhereDial connects to your social media accounts via mapme.at and checks your current location, it then turns the dial to read “Home”, “Station” or wherever you happen to be. Simple, and ingenious. And fun.

The perfect present for the elusive one in your life, we’d say.

WhereDials are available for sale starting from £99 + postage.

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