In a city where getting glammed up to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon is de rigueur, it’s hardly surprising that one of the High Street heavyweights have acknowledged scouse style.

According to Topshop HQ, ever since they opened their behemoth three floor fashion mecca in the heart of Liverpool One, the store has sold more dresses than any of their other outlets in the country.  Well, we all love a good frock.

With this in mind, the powers at be at Topshop have launched a new collection, aimed at “girls who like to party”; not unlike the ladies around here.

‘Dress Up’, their range of 12 statement dresses will be launched on April 14th.  From pretty prom polka dots to tough leather studs, they’ve been designed to appeal to a range of confident characters, no wilted wallflowers need apply.

Seven Streets has had a good nosey at what’s on offer and whilst it’s not all to our taste, in a season where there’s an overwhelming Seventies influence in the air it’s nice to know that you can bypass the palazzo pants and get your legs out in a proper diva dress.

To accessorise?  Fake tan your pins and get your highest heels on, Liverpool style.  Leave the curlers at home though, that’s one trend we don’t approve of.

Stephanie Heneghan

Church Street, Liverpool

pic l: Spot Tuelle Prom, £75
pic r: l, Black and Silver dress £150, r, Blue Sequin, £150

pics courtesy Topshop

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