Pillbox vintageSaturday shopping: it’s all so undignified. Unless, of course, you have a thing for frottage in the Primark changing rooms and shopping with your rollers in.

Luckily for us, the smart set behind Liverpool’s most popular vintage fair, Pillbox Vintage, took the enormous inconvenience of having to shop with the hoi-polloi and gave it a much needed makeover. Pillbox have teamed up with Slater Street’s only address worth knowing, The Shipping Forecast, to provide a civilized alternative to the Saturday afternoon scrums, and offer an evening alternative: Late Night Vintage.

Launching on Thursday 7th October, the event is one of those things so blindingly smart we can’t understand why no-one’s thought of it before: shop and drinking. Together!

The Shipping Forecast is, we think, the perfect place to browse Pillbox Vintage’s extensive range of men’s and women’s clothing whilst enjoying a discount on the inspired bar food menu (the Sausage and Swiss baguette is, truly, worth working on that hangover for) and, of course, their drinks.

Unlike other vintage fairs, Pillbox prides itself on offering an outlet to many a creative individual yet to set up a studio space or shop of their own, so it’s ideal for grabbing something so new you’ll be the talk of Toxteth.

Mixing independent retailers and established sellers amounts to an exclusive selection of retro clothing, accessories, jewellery and homeware that, frankly, you’d be hard-pressed to stumble upon in the city on any given Saturday.

Catered for, too, are the stomachs of all those long-suffering shopping companions… Off My Cake provide tea-time treats for the peckish partner, and turn the event into a bit of a picnic.

And, when you’ve done shopping, the Shipping Forecast are hosting an Oxjam event on the same evening. And, let’s face it, you’re already suitably attired for a night on the town. The gig showcases indie rockers Jacobi and the acoustic thrills of Rachel Donnelly amongst others. Our advice – start the night at Late Night Vintage, have your tea, and move downstairs for the gig. Say goodbye to capsule wardrobes – and hello to capsule evenings.

Following the launch, Late Night Vintage will be held from 5pm till late on the first Thursday of every month at the Shipping Forecast. Confirmed dates are as follows: 7th October, 4th November, 2nd December 6th January,3rd February, 3rd March.

Pillbox Vintage, 7 October
The Shipping Forecast,  Slater Street

Rosaleen Gallagher: www.rosaleengallagher.com

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