Liverpool’s Albert Dock has been inundated with entries to its Reflections Photographic Competition, inspired by Tate Liverpool’s Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings. More than 600 submissions have been received over the last three months.

Judges, Mark McNulty, Bill Zygmant and Anthony Brown were joined by Tate’s Eleanor Clayton, Assistant Curator, Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings, to draw up a shortlist of 20 images.

The competition was divided in two categories: mobile imagery and photography, and now it’s time for the
public to decide which image wins the honour of being projected onto the wall of Albert Dock, no less! The winning photographer will also receive training with the Open Eye Gallery and a goody bag from the Albert Dock and Open Eye Gallery.

The images will be on display around Albert Dock’s venues from September 14. All you have to do is decide which image you like best, and text Dock A/B/C etc to 60777 (texts are charged at your usual SMS network rate) to vote. The shortlisted images are on display at What’s Cooking? PanAm, Vinea, Revolution, Blue Bar & Grill and Gusto, so have your say. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 14th October.

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