As the autumn chills descend, it warms us to look back at this document of a very special time: the creation of our LIMF commission, You Are Here. If you were, indeed, there, you’ll know what a special night it was.

And if you weren’t? Well this beautiful short film, by Simon Bonneau of Chivteam, Nantes, will give you a glimpse of the amazing collaborative process between our friends from Liverpool, Manchester, France and Russia.

And here’s a link to the full piece on Soundcloud.

Thanks, again, to Moongai, Bill Ryder-Jones, Kof, Noonwraith, Jon Herring, Manchester Camerata, ARCHNGL, Chris Taylor, Josie Jenkins, Chris Marsh and Yaw and everyone at Culture Liverpool.

We have CDs available, should anyone want one drop us a line.