Great to see Microzine’s Chris and Jill Lee teaming up with Puschka to open Home, on Beetham Plaza, corner of The Stand and Brunswick Street (neighbouring our favourite city restaurant, Etsu).

Home Canteen’s offer is simple: mouthwateringly home-cooked food, fine cask ales and fancy pants cocktails. With retro styling, fine tweed upholstery, and a comfy, not starchy atmosphere (which, let’s face it, is what did it for Heathcoates)

So what can we expect, we asked Chris? “Childhood memories of mum’s baking… the sweet smell of pastry and fairy cakes, the thick, mouth-watering scent of roast beef with onion gravy filling the house on Sunday…”

Sounds great to us. We’ve had a sneak peek at the menu: char grilled salmon, Snowdonia black bomber cheesecake, turkey ham and leek cobbler…We’re going next week. We’ll report back.

Liverpool Craft Beer’s Viking or Tane Mahuta add to the retro cocktail hour’s concoctions and, in warmer times, sofas and room sets are promised to soften up the geometry of the grey square (watch out for those buckets!)

Beetham Plaza

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  1. Mr Sleaze

    Going this evening – that menu is next level. It seems I can finally walk past there again without my heart breaking at the loss of Heathcotes beer battered black pudding dish.

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