Dame Evelyn Glennie at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, August 18th. Part of DaDaFest.

EVENT For many, the Olympic Opening Ceremony will have been the first time they’ve witnessed Dame Evelyn Glennie in action. The legendary percussionist led the primal, tribal beats through the ceremony’s industrialist section: all flailing limbs, silver hair and some very big drums. Profoundly deaf, she’s completely mesmerising to watch live, and this rare Liverpool gig also sees Glennie give a “TED-style” talk about her connection to music. Must see.

99% Invisible

PODCAST Short bursts of design wisdom in this bedroom-produced blog, covering everything from flag design to overdubbing sound on the Olympics (you know the sound of the rowers’ oars cutting through the water? It’s all overdubbed, purists. Sorry about that.) Fascinating, and, at no more than ten minutes, it never outstays its welcome.

Indika, Capstone Theatre Liverpool, 13th – 23rd August

EVENT Presented by Malipfest, who always bring brilliant, globe-spanning musicians and dancers to the city, this 11 day celebration of Indian culture looks like it’ll be utterly thrilling. And eye opening. Bansuri duets? Bharatanatyam dance? It’s all here.

April Ashley Heritage Project, World Museum, 2013

EVENT Team SevenStreets went along to the launch of this new Homotopia-helmed heritage project last week, set to be one of the World Museum’s key exhibitions next year. It’s set to document not only Liverpool-born Ashley’s extraordinary life as a model and actress, but also document the struggles of other transgendered people over the past 70 years. Expect it in the later half of 2013, coinciding with Homotopia’s 10th anniversary. Get your party outfit ready now.


WEBSITE / WTF This has been slowly, methodically, and wonderfully blowing our minds for the past week: a single webpage that tracks your cursor and displays an image, culled from what must be a repository of thousands of nicked Facebook/Google Image pictures, of someone pointing to it on the screen. Our head’s sore just thinking about how great it is. Completely pointless, but great.

Thomas D’Arcy – A Tribute to the Monks

LISTEN Canadian musician (ex Small Sins) recreates an entire new wave album on this most bizarre musical project. UK band The Monks (ex The Strawbs) had one minor hit here: Nice Legs, Shame About The Face . But they were massive in Canada. So D’Arcy and friends have lovingly recreated it. It’s bonkers, and actually quite brilliant – probably because it’s done with such evident love.

Sightlines by Kathleen Jamie

READ When Kathleen Jamie’s ‘Findings’ came out five years ago, she re-wrote the rule book on writing about the world around us. With almost-poetic clarity, Jamie’s essays on her native Scotland are beautifully packaged pieces of wonder: on nature, travel, big skies and lonely islands. Losing yourself on the rush hour commute has never been so seductive.

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