We love hearing about things happening in Toxteth. It’s often an overlooked bit of the city when it comes to events ‘n’ attractions ‘n’ stuff, so it’s nice to hear this Saturday there’s going to be all sorts of excellent, grassroots organised things to do.

First up, there’s a special version of Four Streets Market (pictured), on Cairns Street. As ever, you can grab some stomach-titillating food from across the globe, vintage finds and assorted goodies within one of the most interesting streets in the city (its terraced housing-meets-flora and fauna vibe is always uplifting). This month they’re joined by some of Brouhaha’s impressive puppets, who’ll also be hanging out at the other events. 10.30am – 3pm

Meanwhile at Lodge Lane, the Tiber Street site plays host to the Lodge Lane Party: tonnes of music, dance, food, more food, and other assorted stuff going on throughout the afternoon. Celebrate Toxteth. 12pm – 4.30pm

As well as that, down at John Archer Hall on the corner of Windsor St and Upper Hill St there’s a Summer Eco Market. We’re promised cooking, rooftop bee hives, ‘finger knit graffiti’ (no, we’ve no idea either), salad planting, hula hooping and all sorts of ecologically ace stuff. It sounds completely bonkers, but then that’s half the fun. 11am – 2pm

Saturday 30th June
Across Toxteth

– Image via A Sense Of Place

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  1. Absolutely Crabulous

    I dont want to put my patronising hat on here but well done Toxteth. A place with an outdated reputation is singlehandedly showing the rest of Liverpool how to rehabilitate and celebrate the area’s past and present. This all sounds like superb summer weekend stuff to do. And it also shows that people have to get together, get off their arses and get working on projects themselves, rather than waiting for others to do it for them. Enjoy!

  2. […] In fact, this month the 4 Streets Market is effectively part of a Liverpool 8 Festival, with other events happening in Windsor Street and Lodge Lane, as highlighted by essential Liverpool Blog Sevenstreets. […]

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