9781408859230 We’re only part way through, but we wanted to share this beautiful find with you. Katharine Norbury’s meditative, luminous travelogue starts (in a roundabout way) amid the Iron Men of Crosby’s limpet-crusted limbs. From there, the born-in-Liverpool writer takes a looping, serpentine route upstream (literally and figuratively) following rivers (from Sutherland to the Severn) to their source, and her life to its strange and singular inception. En route, she takes us on a poetic, meandering and wonderfully evocative journey through the British landscape, Celtic mythology and – at times – her own harrowing memoir. There are awkward tributaries, dead ends and detours aplenty, but you get a sense, always, of how taking a walk can etch itself into your soul: and can, ultimately, help you come home. If you like the similarly powerful new nature writing of Kathleen Jamie and Robert Macfarlane as much as we do, this should definitely be your book of Spring. Makes us want to whack on some waders and take to the hinterlands of the Mersey. Would you do us a favour, and pick us up in Stockport?

The Fish Ladder, £15.29

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