Where do we go to get our style and design fix? Well, apart from our lovely summer houses in the Helsinki archipelago, we usually turn to James Davisdon’s always reliable WeHeart site. Local lad James set up the site a couple of years back and, naturally, it’s been through some style shifts over the seasons. But it’s looking particularly excellent now: with its roll-call of photo features salivating after sublime interiors, interviews with graphic design mavens, and opinion pieces on urban design, personal tech and trends coming down the track.

There’s always something you didn’t realise you can’t live without – and the crisp editorial style is, thankfully, as far removed from the soulless simpering of Wallpaper* as Mann Island is to Zaha Hadid.

It’s in our bookmarks. We think it should be in yours, too. Check out his interview, this week, with Popshot Magazine’s Jacob Denno and you’ll see what we mean.


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