Like that dodgy jalfrezi you had last night, vinyl’s made a comeback. Not that it ever really went away, but its current resurgence is pretty incredible to watch play out. There’s something rather wonderful about seeing the black wax make its way back into our hearts – Spotify just can’t compete with dusty sleeves, skipping needles, and irritating static. The city’s had a few record fairs over the past couple of years, but, like original pressings of Jimmy Tarbuck albums, you can never have too many. This one’s at the slightly bizarre-but-we’ll-go-with-it surroundings of the Holiday Inn, opposite Lime Street, and it’s £2 in. There’ll be a load of old shit you’ll never want, of course, but like all decent record fairs, the gems are always there if you’re prepared to do some crate digging.

February 7th, 10am – 3pm
Holiday Inn, Lime Street
£2/£1.50 concessions

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