We love the Kazimier. The shadowy gang who run it and promote nights there, a collective of like-minded creatives and musicians and adventurers, consistently put on events that are boundary-pushing, thoughtful and fun as hell.

Now, not content with running one of the best venues in the city, they’re branching out into moving image. They’ve flirted with it in the past, but this is a full-on short film, stretching to 22 minutes of trippy HQ sci-fi goodness.

The centre of the film is based around their Kronos events – time-travelling, interplanetary excursions spaced out over three New Years Eves. This year, they roped in the audience to get involved. Says co-director Jack Whiteley (who’s done videos for Stealing Sheep, amongst others): “Audience members were asked to come dressed as extras for one of four scenes which were played out on the night. Footage from these scenes were then intercut with footage shot after the event which were then combined with detailed model and FX work and a full score and sound design to make up the final 22-minute short film”.

We caught up with Venya and Sam from the Kazimier about the production of the ambitious short, which you can read over here.

Watch the full, finished video below. It’s brilliant.

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