Amanda Harrington“The glammehhh! The glitz! And of course the geerls!”. No, not the new series of Wallander – welcome to E4’s Desperate Scousewives.

If you’ve been living in a blissful bubble for the past few weeks, you won’t know about Desperate Scousewives – the latest in the The Only Way Is Essex/Made In Chelsea ‘structured reality’ trend. Featuring a selection of the city’s ‘it’ girls and boys (that essentially means people who go to parties a lot), it’s already divided opinion online and is set to be Liverpool’s big watercooler moment this year. By that we mean you’ll be moaning about it to your co-workers at the Christmas party.

So, what does the trailer hint at? Well, it looks darkly funny in an oh-God-no-please-no type way (“scouse brow”) but also hugely awkward: see the Hollyoaks-esque breakup scene and model Amanda Harrington’s phenomenally fake rant at a local celebrity blogger as an example. Although the trailer makes us cringe our entire soul out of our body, it’ll be really interesting to seeing how the full show works and what the reaction will be to it. What do you reckon? Comment below…

Desperate Scousewives debuts on E4, 10pm, Monday 28th November.

14 Responses to “Watch the Desperate Scousewives trailer if you dare”

  1. Horrific.

    If anyone reading this is involved in the production, publicity or even worse appearing in this show, I’d just like you to know you’re an embarrassment to and a blight on this city.

    ‘I feel ashamed’ (imagine that said in badly fake accent)

  2. worldsofpaul

    Hideous, but what i was expecting more or less.

    Those of us it doesn’t represent – we know it doesn’t, so there’s no point getting worked up about it. I might just give it a look just to giggle at the ludicrous ego masturbation on offer. It could be ironic genius.

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