DaDaFest Wheelchair Basketball

It’s been a good year for disability awareness. The Paralympics ran its way into our hearts (and was, in our opinion, even more gripping than the Olympics that preceded it). And Liverpool’s very own DaDaFest also had a great summer. Get your stat hats on, peeps: 2,230 people attended DaDaFest live events or workshops, 13,177 visited its key Niet Normaal exhibition, and a further 102,467 saw it in public areas. Hooray.

As part of DaDaFest, composer and musician Jonathan Hering, who works with the always-ace experimental ensemble a.P.A.t.T., was commissioned alongside filmmaker Jack Whiteley (who’s done work for the Kazimier and Stealing Sheep) to create an audio-visual piece for the festival. Using the Greenbank Wheelchair Basketball Team team as inspiration, the duo spliced together a thrilling collage of sound, film and music with help from clarinettist Mandy Burvill, who provides snippets of melody and movement on top.

The film, which runs to nearly 10 minutes, is a wonderfully percussive, superbly edited bit of moving image work. It’s also a fitting way to celebrate DaDaFest and the Paralympics’ success this year. Watch the whole thing below.

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  1. ruth gould

    Thank you for putting this out there – the work is superb – but need you to be aware that this was instigated through the Bluecoat and they should be given credit for linking us together. It was a definite DaDaFest highlight and we were so grateful to Jon Herring for allowing us to support and début the work at the festival.

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