Beautiful Liverpool

When we heard whispers last summer that Vice magazine were in town to film a documentary, we were a little concerned. Vice, for those of you who don’t know, is a boundary-pushing, taste challenging, no-holds-barred youth brand that encompasses a magazine, a record label and even a London pub. It’s unapolagetically offensive, honest and doesn’t give a toss what you think.

So when we heard mumblings of a documentary about Liverpool’s love of all things glam, we were bracing ourselves for the usual. You know what we mean: an aloof poke at funny northerners and our dress sense, like wot the Daily Mail does every single year after the Aintree Races.
Beautiful Liverpool

Turns out we shouldn’t have worried too much because Vice’s online TV offshoot, VBS, is a treasure trove of fascinating, open minded short film and documentary, a world away from its usual middle-finger-to-the-world schtick.

Directors Andy Capper (who hails from Southport) and Leo Leigh (son of Mike Leigh and Alison Steadman) have some good credentials already – their moving ‘Swansea Love Story’ film for VBS was a critically acclaimed look at the impact of heroin on a Welsh town.

‘Beautiful Liverpool’s first part, below, doesn’t yet give much insight beyond what we already know (Liverpool girls like to look good, Amanda Harrington uses enough hairspray to obliterate the O Zone layer, Rick Vaughn’s a bit annoying), and so far it manages to sidestep any sneering freakshow moments. In fact, we feel strangely proud that there’s something about Liverpool girls that fascinates people so much. The ones interviewed in the current episode are all incredibly confident, funny and charming.

Though the series has yet to delve into the murky world of tanning, salons and beauty injections, its first episode is well worth a watch. Check it out below.

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