Beautiful Liverpool

When we had a look at the first installment of VBS’ Liverpool-based beauty documentary last week, we were a bit cautious. Would it really teach us anything? Would it be a patronising look at a city that, ultimately, just enjoys looking kinda nice? Would it make us want to hide behind the sofa and want to be swallowed up in a cloud of our own cringe?

Well, the full length documentary’s just premiered online, and you can take a look for yourself. The hour-long film is in turn hilarious, concerning and rather illuminating. Certainly, for those of us who aren’t knee-deep in Fake Bake and steroids every week, it’s interesting to see the lengths the girls (and guys) in our city go to just to look impressive, and at any expense. Not just financial, but physical – the fillers, botox and Melanotan injections (a terrifying substance that tans you from the inside) are all contributing to a generation of Liverpudlians who want to be browner, sleeker, and plumper than their friends.
Beautiful Liverpool

Aside from the revelations about expensive hair extensions and dodgy surgery, the documentary rapidly veers between being fascinating, hilarious and rather depressing. Herbert’s tales of ye olde Liverpool are vividly described, but they’re a million miles away from Palm Sugar’s glittery ceilings and the bafflingly un-self aware Amanda Moss’ “VIP house parties” (she’s reality TV gold, if any producers are reading).

We’re glad the documentary wasn’t a complete hatchet job – most of the girls interviewed come across as warm and naturally funny, if a bit lost. Certainly it doesn’t delve as deep as it could have into why the city wants to look and behave like it does, but it’s definitely worth watching in between your spray tan appointments.

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13 Responses to “Watch: ‘Beautiful Liverpool’ documentary in full”

  1. The producers are kinda idiotic. The production opens up describing the melanotan peptides (what they call tanning solution) as “intravenous tanning solutions”. Utterly clueless, they show the girl injecting herself in a similar manner to administering insulin injections, subcutaneously. Intravenous = into the vein. No one injects the reconstituted peptide solution into the vein, they’d be stupid to do so because it wouldn’t work. It makes the rest of their documentary look a bit dumb relative to the parts covering usage of the peptide.

  2. James

    Oh I don’t know, “intravenous” would certainly help explain how a good quantity of the tanning solution ends up on their pea-brains.

  3. Aye, Amanda Moss is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Apparently everybody in Liverpool knows who she is. Amazing. Loved the wig shop too and it was interesting to find out that 70% of Liverpool girls wear wigs! ;-/

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