WarpaintYeah, we know. We’re so fickle. But it’s rare a new band hits us squarely between the eyes with such a force as Warpaint have recently.

The L.A. based outfit have been around for a decade or so, so this is no instant hype machine we’re feeding off. Nor does their output favour the quick sonic thrills of, say, the Vivian Girls or The Drums – no, Warpaint prefer layering their richly textured pop to create inventive, exciting and downright beautiful sonic sprawls. If Fleet Foxes shaved, got a wash now and then, and, ahem, some balls, you’d be getting close.

Think heavily treated guitars, propulsive percussion, ethereal harmonies and gauzy production. In fact, don’t bother thinking, just go check ’em out this weekend at The Kazimier. They’re a trailblazer for next month’s Liverpool Music Week, and we only hope that what follows will be half as exciting…

Download ‘Undertow’ for free, here.

Warpaint, October 23, £8
Kazimier , Liverpool

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