Kicking off their 2013 programme, the Walker hosts the first European display of a series of stunning silkscreen prints, which tell the story of Obama’s legendary 2008 presidential campaign.

In Seven Days…, a study by the artist Nicola Green of this historic event, which saw the election of the USA’s first Black president, goes on display from 18 January, in time for Obama’s inauguration, on 21 January (Martin Luther King Day). The exhibition runs until 14 April 2013.

The international significance of this story, its powerful inspiration to the world and future generations, is highlighted in Nicola’s work.

With unprecedented access for a British artist, Nicola was able to immerse herself in Obama’s campaign during six separate trips to the USA. Her literal visits, as well as the themes in this story, are distilled within seven iconic images, each a denouement of the many photographs, sketches, conversations and prints the artist completed during and after her journey.

In Seven Days… has a neutral political stance. Nicola says: “The work is a deconstruction of what hope really is; a reflection on what future generations can take from this moment in history.”

Also, this Friday (18th) join Nicola Green in conversation with Richard Benjamin, Head of the International Slavery Museum. The conversation will include exploration of the artist’s practice, her experiences of following Obama on his campaign trail and a broader discussion of the global impact of Obama’s historic election.

In Seven Days
18 Jan – 14 April
Walker Art Gallery

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