We’re all for promoting enterprising young whippersnappers. Fair brings a smile to our faces when our resolutely fashion-forward eyes spy a new venture in a city of me-too chains and identikit style ‘icons’. So we’re more than happy perusing the virtual racks of the city’s latest vintage emporium, courtesy of Holly Miller – that’s her in the small pic right – and her Red Hat No Knickers vintage store. She knows the way to our hearts. Mind you, must be chilly today.

Holly’s a John Moores graduate, with a passion for sourcing the sort of authentic essentials and key pieces that, well, you just can’t get in Republic, or H&M. Vintage dresses, coats and jackets, patchwork mini-skirts. Instant hipster appeal starts at around £12.

“Red Hat no Knickers hand selects everything on the site by passionate vintage lovers,” she tells us, “that way, we ensure a selection of on-trend pieces which reflect the most in-demand lines and looks.”

“We have a keen eye for quality materials and fabrics when picking our pieces, and are committed to ensuring all our vintage pieces are fur-free too.”

That’s the sort of shop we like. And no parking fees.


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