If you’ve never seen local thrashy punk legends SSS live, you need to sort that out. Quickly. Loud, noisy, witty, and a hell of a lot of fun, they’re the backbone to Liverpool’s punk scene and we sort of hope they’ll be playing gigs 50 years from now to equally sweaty audiences.

The always-excellent Vice have filmed an 8 minute mini-documentary with the boys, following them as they pack up their stuff from their rehearsal digs at Elevator, before heading along to play at a Hard Rock Hell festival in North Wales. Er, at a Pontins holiday camp. But not before they’ve done some clay pigeon shooting along the way, obviously.

The SSS lot are charming, funny (“Hi de fucking Hi” deadpans frontman Foxy to the crowd before they start their set), passionate and have an interesting insight into Liverpool’s underground scene. Even if their music’s not completely to your taste (go listen to Radio 2 then, granddad), this is well worth a watch.

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