We’re honestly still recovering from Liverpool Music Week’s stellar, huge, ridiculous, bonkers closing party at the CUC last November. We saw a bunch of brilliant bands in great spaces, overheard hundreds of people wonder out loud why they’d never visited the CUC before (too late now, people), and drank far too much. Basically, it was a blast.

One of the highlights was Dustin Wong’s rather epic guitar orchestra piece (read our preview here), which saw the guitarist and composer join forces with some of Liverpool’s best axe-wielders to recreate his layered, looped album ‘Infinite Love’. It was great.

The lovely people at creative agency Mercy, who commissioned it, also filmed the entire thing. You can stream it online, below. Highly recommended.

  • Andrew Ellis

    Perfect soundtrack to a day like this.

  • Sevenstreets


  • Jamie Bowman

    I love this – where can I buy it?

  • andyohare

    well. whoa. words fail me, but: whoa. Buy it? How can I bottle it, and sell it to the world instead of X-factor?

  • andyohare

    buy it? How can I bottle it, and sell it to the world?

  • Barbara Badhole

    Sooooo good.

  • Andrew Ellis

    Jamie, you can get Infinite Love (sans orchestra but with loop pedals engaged instead) from Thrill Jockey, or pretty much any independent record shop online or off. As far as this videos content, this is the only way you’ll hear it.

  • Jon Davies

    Hey Jamie

    unfortunately we cannot sell this to the world. I think Dustin and I had a quiet agreement to leave it like this. It’s good to appreciate things that only come once, no?