We’re always surprised just how great Liverpool looks on camera. We’re one of the biggest growth cities when it comes to film locations, don’tchaknow. But we, like you, don’t walk around gobsmacked day-to-day at the gorgeous architecture and views. We just take it for granted most of the time.

So it’s brilliant to see the best bits of the city distilled down into video, and makes us realise we’ve got a really, really nice city on our hands. Local photographer David Humphreys of fotopiaimages.com has put together a three-and-a-half-minute timelapse eye candy epic – ‘Liverpool In A Day’ – that shows off the more notable, touristy bits of the city, from the Albert Dock to the Georgian Quarter. Says David:

“Whether you’re Liverpool born and bred, moved in to the area, or came to university and never quite managed to make the effort go back home to mum and dad when you graduated, Liverpool becomes a part of you as you become a part of Liverpool… consider this film my little love letter to the city – its architecture, its culture and most importantly, its people.”

Nicely put. Damn, we’re photogenic, aren’t we?

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