Two new things we like. All We Are’s sinuous, seductive new album, and Aloft’s surefooted, coolly reimagined Royal Insurance Building-based hotel. If only all city centre hotels showed such deft restraint. No, on second thoughts, don’t get us started on that one.

So, when the two came together last week, as part of Aloft’s intriguing Spotlight series (showcasing live performances in the hotel’s sleek WXYZ bar), how could we resist?

And, while we cornered them by the pool table, we took the opportunity to fire off seven quick questions.

1) Your album’s picking up glowing notices. Are you feeling the love?

We’re feeling it! We’re really happy that people like what we have created and hope we can continue to make records!

2) Do you regret the ‘Bee Gees on Diazepam’ line (the oft quoted descriptor still trotted out in the band’s press coverage)?

There’s definitely more to us than just that quote but we do like it! It came from ‘Utmost Good’ so it’s pretty apt for that tune. Mostly, our sounds just comes from the fact that we hang around together so much. We’re comfortable in each others’ company.

3) Where do you think Liverpool is at, musically, and how do you plug into that – if at all?

The scene in Liverpool is very healthy and we feel very much part of it. Liverpool is quite special; because it’s so small everyone kind of knows everyone and helps each other out.

4) How do you ensure the band stays together as a healthy unit? Who’s the boss?

We’re a complete democracy, one for all, all for one.

5) Have you got a summer of festivals lined up? Any you’re particularly looking forward to?

We’re heading to Tallinn Music Week, Germany, The Netherlands, loads of places. But we’re mostly looking forward to Liverpool Sound City (22-24 May) of course!

6) Do you think smoothness is an underrated gift? Who are your favorite exponents of the smooth sound?

Nothing wrong with smooth. We all love Prince and Michael Jackson!

7) If you could work with anyone, alive or dead, who’d it be?

We would absolutely love to do a collaboration with Outcast! Love those guys.

All We Are

23 May
Sound City

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