What’s better than a night at MelloMello? A night at MelloMello where you learn about the history of yodelling, obviously.

Yodelling’s often made fun of as a thigh-slappin’, lederhosen-wearin’ bit of kitsch (which we’re definitely not above, as you can see), but it’s actually a beautiful, primal mode of vocalising that’s popped up across the centuries in various places: the Wild West, the Alps, and even African tribes.

Ergo-PhizmizBoundary-pushing local record label UpItUp bring artist Ergo Phizmiz to MelloMello later this month, who presents ‘UOEIA’, his cross-media (think puppetry, animation, music, and God-knows-what-else) history of yodelling – taking you from its knuckle-dragging caveman beginnings right through to the present day. Pretty unmissable.

As well as that, there’s also performances from Caustic Widows, Alabaster Deplume, Chiz Turnross and Laura Spark’s Psychedelic Light Show, who’ll all veer from poetry to performance art to cabaret and back again. All for a fiver.

UpItUp Records present The Kaleidoscopic Cabaret
18th October 2013
MelloMello, Liverpool
£5, 8pm

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