House music has had a positive year this year, and somewhat of a resurgence across the globe. Canadian club gang Azari & III’s self-titled record was an impressive one – where the likes of peers Hercules And Love Affair take house ‘off road’ into disco, funk and (gulp) folk, Azari & III stick faithly to the classic 80s blueprint: clattering hi-hats, insistent snare drums and diva vocals.

It was criticised in some places for being too formulaic and not varied enough, but in a live setting the quartet’s jittery electro bump is hypnotic, euphoric and a hell of a lot of fun.

They’re one of the first major touring bands passing through the freshly re-opened Magnet venue this November – if you’re feeling miserable as winter takes its deathly hold, this lot will sort you right out.

Azari & III, 4th November
The Magnet, Hardman St, Liverpool

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