We’ve already flagged up the Liverpool OktoberFest that’s on this month; now we’ve got the Third Annual Crosby Beer Festival, and a Cider Festival going on in the cultural quarter this weekend too.

The Crosby Beer Festival takes place over 7–8 of this month (that’s Thursday to Saturday if you’re too sozzled to work it out) at the Crosby Civic Hall the North Liverpool area.

Here at SevenStreets we like our ale real, so there’s a very good chance you could rub our shoulders while we attempt one of the local brews. Excellent range of 36 real ales and 4 ciders; a fiver in.

Meanwhile, up around the Hope Street quarter there’s a cider festival going on that brings together the fruity juicing of apples and pears.

At the Everyman Bistro there are 17 ciders and perries (otherwise known to the hoi-polloi as pear cider) to be sampled; while at the excellent if tiny Belvedere pub there’s 12.

It’s all arranged by Merseyside CAMRA, who must know their stuff. By way of example, we’ve learned from CAMRA that if a product contains both real cider and real perry then that product is called Pider.

Avail yourself of the regional cheeses too, to soak up the booze.

Crosby Beer Fest 2010
Crosby Civic Hall
7-9 October (check website for details)

Hope Street Cider Festival
Everyman Bistro and Belvedere Pub
1–9 October (check website for further details)

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