If you want to read some proper meaty stuff on the issue of whether Liverpool needs a mayor and why (and Who?) then can we point in the direction of this post about monkeys and this post by a Liverpool councillor.

We’ve previously mentioned the news that hairdresser to the stars (we’ll call them stars here, OK) Herbert had thrown what is no doubt a voluminous hat into the ring. And Phil Redmond may yet have a crack. Ricky Tomlinson appears to have ruled himself out but, as yet, there’s no news on Jimmy Corkhill.

The issue of who – and who Liverpool wants – fascinates us, as does the reactions of people to new developments within the mayoral race. With a fast-tracked Liverpool mayor hurtling towards us, it’s still unclear whether many people in the city actually want a mayor.

We’re sure that we’ll end up with current council leader Joe Anderson, but the people of Liverpool seem to having much more fun with speculating on more unlikely candidates.

So much so that we’ve pulled a Twitter feed of Liverpool mayor tweets out. It will refresh here constantly over the next few weeks, providing an insight into what Liverpool makes of the mayoral debate.

Either that or it will reveal multiple nominations for Pete Price, Derek Hatton, Amanda Harrington and Tinhead from Brookside. As we spot the best ones, we’ll make a not of them here.

NB. If the feed below doesn’t display properly you might have to have an argument with your browser about it.

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