One of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture-funded films, Kicks, gets its TV debut tomorrow, Saturday on BBC2.

KICKS was funded by BBC Films, The Film council and Liverpool’s Culture Company – it was one of three made for Capital of Culture in 2008 (the other two were the Terence Davies movie OF TIME AND THE CITY and a horror called SALVAGE).

“KICKS was a micro budget film and went from script to screen in less than a year,” says screenplay writer Leigh Campbell, “which made the whole process very intense. The director Lindy Heymann was very keen to use a foreign cinematographer who would be able to look at Liverpool with none of the ‘baggage’ a British person might bring. Eduard Grau (from Spain, who went on to shoot A SINGLE MAN) makes Liverpool look completely stunning.

“The actresses Kerrie Heyes and Nichola Burley turn in great performances, and the soundtrack by Daniel Glendining (with some tracks by Ladytron) really stays with you. I am very proud of what we all managed to achieve, especially given the time and budget constraints.”

KICKS got its first premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2009 where it was nominated for the Michael Powell Award, with Kerrie Heyes and Leigh winning Trailblazer awards presented by Sean Connery.

“At the moment I am working on a few things including another collaboration with Lindy Heymann, which is a screenplay adaptation of a novel by Sara Stockbridge called HAMMER. It’s about a Victorian single mother pick-pocket and it’s a lot of fun, but this film will always be special to me.”

BBC 2, 9.45, Saturday 21

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