We’re easily distracted, so when SevenStreets gets a press release about a new promenading theatre piece taking in the city’s original seven streets we’re drawn in, like a moth to a Victorian gas lamp.

Liverpool based historic tour ensemble, Lovehistory, are your guides on this new exploration of Liverpool’s origin story: of how this silted up inlet grew to become the Second City of Empire.

Promising close encounters with the characters and figures that have shaped our city… including the tough-as-old-boots old fish wives of Formby (so Alex has returned to her roots? That’s nice) to the merchants and pioneers who originally put our city on the map.

“Our tours are great as they animate our city with live history and provide fantastic entertainment for residents, visitors and families,” says Lovehistory’s founder Judy McLean, “and they offer a Liverpool experience with a difference.”

Beginning at Liverpool’s famous Town Hall, visitors will be led through seven of the city’s original streets, retracing the old ways of our ancestors in more ways than one. En route you’ll brush up against ancient corners, as old as the city itself, and medieval hotspots where fact and myth collide.

You think you know your city? This intriguing tour offers us all a chance to take a closer look…

We’ve got two pairs of tickets to win. Drop us an email to info@sevenstreets.com before 7 July and we’ll let you know if you’re a winner next week.

Tours on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
Tour Times: 2pm-3pm Saturday and Sunday, 7pm-8pm on Friday and Saturday.
Tours Location: Beginning at Liverpool Town Hall on High Street and ending at St. Georges Hall at St. Georges Place.
Tickets: £10 per adult, £8.00 per child, Concession £8, Family £32.50
How to Book: call 0151 546 5514 Or 07714402141 (10am-3pm) to confirm places. Alternatively, visit the website www.lovehistory.co.uk/book-now/
For further information please visit www.lovehistory.co.uk or E-mail: info@lovehistory.co.uk

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