We’ve all got Le Bateau Blues today. Or should that be Les Blues Le Bateau? I dunno. I did German. But, let’s head on into the weekend with good memories of the place. Like, here, for example, is our Spotify Seven. The seven songs that most remind us of Le Bateau nights. For better or worse. We don’t choose our memories, they choose us. Like that time we danced with Janice Long to Jason Nevins vs RUN DMC the week after Crash FM opened. Happy days.

So what’s your favourite Le Bateau tunes? These are ours, on a Spotify playlist. We’d love to find out. Especially if they’re Echobelly free.

Higher State of Consciousness – Josh Wink
King of the Kerb – Echobelly
I Want You Back – Jackson 5
Tour De France – Kraftwerk
Open Up – Leftfield
Starsky and Hutch – James Taylor Quartet
Last Nite – The Strokes

  • http://elliesaid.blogspot.com Ellie

    Aw I’ve had a playlist going for a while (can be added to). Classic Saturday night hits from the years.


  • Paul

    Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

  • bornagainst

    Stone Roses. Mersey Paradise.

  • http://www.sevenstreets.com David Lloyd

    Good list Ellie – I’d say you took the baton from me, I was 96-2000, you took it up from there. Some great tunes.

  • Tom

    Transmission by Joy Division or for upstairs Tainted Love by Gloria Jones.

  • http://www.agentmarketing.co.uk Kamikazi

    Aisha – Death in Vegas
    Devils Haircut – Beck

  • Pete

    Bandages – Hot Hot Heat.

    I’m mourning this news.

    Thanks to Jules, Adie and all the rest for the good times and good tunes in The Boat.

  • http://www.rythumandflow.co.uk Simon

    Deceptacon – Le Tigre

    Downstairs at 1am sweating, dancing and shouting the lyrics until hoarse.

  • helen

    Upstairs: Double Barrell – Dave and Ansil Collins
    Downstairs: Debaser – Pixies

    I first started going in 1998 and last went 2 weeks ago…14 years well spent I think

  • Reformed_Geek

    I started making one of these a while back… my period of the late 90s so most of the downstairs stuff was still brit-pop.


  • Mark McNulty

    Deceptacon by Le Tigre as well as The Only One I Know, Last NIght and loads more downstairs and my Spotify playlist plus more for upstairs http://open.spotify.com/user/markmcnulty/playlist/3jEexuav3iFJzQnEQhkPYU

  • Bex

    The Snake – Al Wilson
    Paint it Black – Rolling Stones
    Ghost in my House – R Dean Taylor

    Babies – Pulp
    Hey Boy, Hey Girl – Chemical Brothers
    Under Mi Sensi – Barrington Levy
    Cannonball – The Breeders
    Here Comes Your Man – Pixies

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