Metal and rock, rock and metal. If you prefer yours heavy then you may be interested to know that Antipop and Threshold host Threshold Heavy this week at the CUC, promising classic rock, metal and punk from the north west and beyond.

“There is a whole host of outfits from Liverpool & further afield, Velvet Star, Sick Circus, Limehawk, The Adjusters & Inglorious,” organiser and CUC Creative Events Manager Chris Carney tells us.

Indeed but, being a local cultural guide, we demand more details!

“Threshold Heavy is one of the monthly bite-sized events by the promoters of Threshold Festival, Under The Influence & CUC Liverpool and for this event we have focused on all things heavy, punk and metal.”

Hmm. You’re going to need a local promoter to pull that off, we think.

“To our mind there was no local promoter more suitable to approach than those lovers of all things hardcore, Antipop Records.

Phew! And an offbeat venue always helps too, eh?

“It’s all set in the paradoxically plush Mezzanine Bar of CUC with set design from Strange Case Collective.”

All the bases covered then. Bands, promoters, venue. All it needs is an audience – and Chris is keen to point out that under-18s are more than welcome. Just stick to the (Anti)pop eh?

5-10pm, Saturday 16 July

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