Like a litmus test for the lovely stuff that’s bubbling up in our midst, Threshold is always a great journey of discovery. Yes, occasionally you have to make do with a rail replacement service for some stages of it, but mostly it’s a life-affirming confirmation of the wonder that surrounds us. So, this year, we’re looking forward to unearthing our next new favourites, to join headliners Akala and Natalie McCool (pic) . Maybe they’ll be Belfast’s Decomposing in Paris (oh, we know that feeling), LIPA’s folk troubadour Grace Goodwin, or the emotionally-charged offerings of Atlas. Maybe they’ll be none of the above. Maybe it’ll be the art and performances that entice you in. Whatever, no two Threshold wanderings are ever, quite, the same. And that’s what makes it such a blast.

Threshold Festival
27-29 March
Baltic Triangle
Tickets: £20

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