Yeah, we know. We don’t have caption competitions. But, sometimes, you just can’t look a gift horse (or Pete Price) in the mouth. So here goes, you witty, pithy, SevenStreets people – bang us over a caption*, and the winner will get two tickets to the posh seats at ODEON – that’s the Gallery, in other words, where you can eat as much popcorn, pick’n’ mix sweets and tacos as humanly possible.

That’s if he doesn’t get there first, that is…

Thanks to our friend Ant Clausen for the photo.  It’s a tough job, and we’re glad we didn’t have to do it.

That said, if you can brave the weather, the summer fun at Liverpool ONE is pretty damn hot: with volleyball, morning fitness classes, a coconut shy  and tropically thatched side-shows. They are, it’s fair to say, doing their best to bring a little seasonal cheer to the soaking shoppers.

Yeah, yeah, the Trafford Centre’s got a roof. But we’ll take the great outdoors any day.

And  check out the Shark Bite roller coaster – it’s in another league to your average pop-up coaster. In fact it’s almost as scary as…well, we think you get the picture…

Paradise in the Park
Chavasse Park
Liverpool ONE

*Please, don’t get us into trouble.

Captions to: by whenever you like, or add a comment below.

  • A Charles

    It’s a good job that the girls brought their own because, otherwise, noone was getting ‘leid’ here!

  • Andrew

    When it came to tropical fruits, his pineapple ring was the talk of the town.

  • IAN

    Another victim of the hosepipe ban, as a stranded sperm whale sucks on one of his five a day

  • Jonny

    “Tastes like chicken”

  • Ian Richards

    Exotic fruit spotted at Liverpool ONE

  • IAN

    We know it’s a funny colour, but it’s not natural, we had it shipped in. Same goes for the sand.

  • Andrew

    This photograph was taken moments before Pete stripped to his waist to show his new ‘Thug Life’ tattoo

  • Julian Taylor

    Pete “sorry just cut my finger”

  • Kate

    Is Pete saying: “Trust me girls, this Atomic Kitten reunion can only work with a front man”

  • Josef

    Local man celebrates buying house; regrets doing so from sponge.
    “It looked bigger on telly,” he said