Come on, admit it. You’ve always wanted to sit on Joe Riley’s lap, haven’t you? imagine how comfortable it would be. Probably more comfortable than the Everyman’s seating, to be honest. But to own the chair that the great man snoozed in? Now that’s what we call Liverpool history.

Now’s your chance.

Tomorrow sees the Great Everyman Auction get under way.  

Bid to get your very own bit of the Everyman in a sealed bid auction of the seats that have seen more bottom action than a Midsummer Night’s Dream costume assistant.

There are over 60 auction lots of chairs available. These come as singles, doubles or quads and there are short benches and long benches.  For those with more space there are 11 pillars – 4 tall (3.48m) and 7 standard (2.8m), which will be removed as part of the demolition.

The sealed bid auction means that people can make one bid for each item and state the price they are prepared to pay for it. These bids will then be opened after the closing date of Monday 8 August at 6pm and then sold to the highest bid.  For more details about the lots and to make a bid, download the form online at or pick one up from the Playhouse Box Office in Williamson Square (closed Friday 29 July and Sundays). Successful bidders will be contacted early on Tuesday 9 August via email/telephone.


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