Illustrator Isabel Greenberg has just published her first book, and it’s wonderful. A graphic novel that steers well clear of beard-stroking geekery, Greenberg’s exploration of an imagined early era is gorgeous, funny and moving: a series of beautifully inked and linked tales, all featuring one young man as he takes an odyssey from North Pole to the South Pole (just a bit further south than Ellesmere Port, FYI). On the way, he falls in love, but – surprise! – love doesn’t run quite as smoothly as he’d have hoped. Pfft, tell us about it, dude.

Greenberg’s woodcut-inspired illustrations and minimal colour palette really elevate this book: its bone dry wit and deadpan humour will appeal to adults, but there’s all the ingredients for a cult kids favourite in here too. Recommended.

Published by Jonathan Cape
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