Sushi Cats

CATS ETC The internet is a) insane and b) loves cats, and this new project from Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts doesn’t do anything to convince us otherwise. They’ve put together a rather brilliant backstory (and accompanying video, below) to tell us all about Neko-Sushi, an “an extremely unusual life-form… their existence is still shrouded in mystery and actual sightings remain rare.” Basically, it’s just an excuse to dress cats up as bits of sushi, and it’s bloody hilarious.

Summer Holidays

HOORAY We’re taking one – unheard of in the world of web publishing, but we’ve never been one to do things properly. So August is going to be a bit quiet here on SevenStreets. We’ll be checking in occasionally, doing our Weekly Seven, and relaunching with a brand new site in September. But as far as August goes, it’s time for us to tune out, de-stress, rediscover what we love about Liverpool, and come back raring to go.

Bitchin’ Kitchin

TELLY It gets weirder the further down the channel guide you get. Take The Food Network (Virgin 287), our new favourite. Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen’ is wonderfully demented, camp and comic (like Nigel Slater, only deliberately so). Based on her popular web shows, this is cooking with attitude, stiletto heels and lashings of Italian-American balls (tuna, deep fried, actually).


The History of NYC Subway Signage

READ This rather fascinating, in-depth essay details the design, evolution and history of New York’s amazing subway system signs – from its original ornate typography (as still kept in many of its current stations) through to its current modern, sleek, iconic look. A great lunch break read. Read more, via AIGA

World Lion Day, Sefton Park Bandstand, 10th August

EVENT August 10th will see Liverpool celebrate its first ever World Lion Day. In association with ALERT, the event will take place at Sefton Park’s Bandstand. It’s estimated that there are less than 20,000 lions remaining across Africa, this is an 80% decline since the mid 1970’s. The event hopes to raise awareness, with lion treasure hunts, tickets to The Lion King (at the Empire for most of next year, it seems), and fund raising. Facebook event

Southcliffe, Channel 4

TELLY It’s as bleak as a caravan site in Rhyl, but this Channel 4 four part series (which started last night, so go 4OD it) lives up to its promise. Set in what looks like the arse end of the Fens, this slow burning treat starts with a bang (well, plenty of them, to be precise) as an ex squaddie commits mass murder, Hungerford-style. It’s a poised, electrifying and mature drama: we know who did it from frame one. What happens next, though, we’ll experience over the coming weeks. Recommended. More information

The Verge’s Favourite Podcasts

LISTEN We love the Verge – its clever mix of tech, art and culture sort of makes us cry, they do it so well. And we love podcasts. But trying to find a new one is HARD: so much filler, so little killer. Truly, a good podcast is getting to be a rare thing. So when The Verge give us a feature called: You Should Be Listening to all these Podcasts, well, we’re in aural heaven. Read via The Verge

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