Save The Caledonia

IMPORTANT We’ve all seen places come and go in Liverpool. As one closes, another opens. But the homely Caledonia pub’s been a really crucial part of not only the Georgian Quarter, but the city as a whole, over its lifespan. And we really don’t want to see it go. Threatened with closure, now’s the chance to use some people power: making your voice heard, to say that it’s a place of real community value. Sign the petition now.


THING Some say it’s a non-condition, like Morgellons – but for those who believe, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is all too real. It’s a woozy, tingly feeling triggered by external stimuli, such as whispering, or watching people intently carrying out intricate tasks such as filing stationery, painting fingernails or (really) travel agents poring through brochures for you. Mad? There’s millions of youtube hits that say otherwise. Check out GentleWhisper’s channel, and see if you start purring like a contented tabby…

Liverpool Sound City App

APP These cross-city music fests are a proper nightmare to navigate and schedule. Lucky, then, that there’s an app for this year’s bumper Sound City event, to make weaving your way through the timetable a hell of a lot easier. Our ‘don’t miss’ picks for this year: The Walkmen, Dexys, Oneohtrix Point Never, Savages, Loved Ones and Melody’s Echo Chamber. Grab the app on the iTunes store.

How To Make A Human

VIDEO Is there a sharper home-grown comedian than Serafinowicz? We think not. Check out his latest YouTube posting. Found film has never been funnier. More like this please. It fucks us into life every time.

Junip – Line of Fire

MUSIC Maybe Sweden’s José González is better known as a solo artist. That’s a real shame, as his band project, Junip, consistently release smart, hooky pop laced albums complete with woozy synths and that trademark, hypnotic blend of acoustic guitar and shuffling percussion. Check out the video for new single, Line of Fire: it’s the soundtrack to an as-yet-unfilmed Scandie crime series.


THING If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we love Kickstarter. We also love coffee. So, by default, we love this new Kickstarter idea – where coffee grounds are used to make sturdy, lovely looking plant pots. Beautiful recycling. More information.

Festival No 6

EVENT We went to this festival’s first year in 2012, and it was great. Set in the gorgeous, unique surrounds of Portmerion, this year’s lineup is looking great and varied: Nile Rogers’ Chic bring the party for their headline set, and James Blake, Manic Street Preachers, Everything Everything, Mount Kimbie, Frankie Knuckles, Laura Mvula and loads more all feature. If you missed out on Glastonbury tickets, this should be your preferred alternative.

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