What does 200 calories look like?

PHOTOGRAPHY Ditched that new year’s diet yet? Yeah, us too. While we start making our preparations for next year’s failed attempt, here’s a powerful collection of imagery (photographer unknown) that slices and dices foodstuffs to show you just what 200 calories takes form as. Full album


VIDEO A simple, cleanly executed idea that quite rightly got awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick, Daniel Mercadante’s one-and-a-half-minute clip is a carefully spliced together montage of people and animals yawning. Lifted from various clips Daniel found across the web, it’s a rather beautiful gem of a video.

Geometry Daily

BLOG Basically what it says on the tin, this Tumblr (created by designer Tillman) posts gorgeous, unique geometrical experiments every day. They veer from futuristic shape-shunting to retro 70s textbook swirls, and all are beautiful. geometrydaily.tumblr.com

Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars press conference

HOLLYWOO! J-Law (sorry) is one of our favourite young actresses – from her hilariously shambolic talk show appearances to her ace best friend Andy (who happens to have Downs Syndrome) – oh yes, and her acting skills, with which she’s quickly winning over the world. The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ star took home the Best Actress gong last night at the Oscars, but it’s her press conference appearance afterwards that’s well worth a watch, in which she gleefully smacks down journalists asking inane, loaded questions.

Roller Trio at Capstone Theatre, 28th February

GIG Leeds based, Mercury Prize-nominated post-jazz threesome Roller Trio are great, taking the insistent parp of Miles Davis and mashing it with the ‘WTF?’ time signatures of Battles. Young, fresh and weird, they’re heading to Liverpool this Thursday for a must see show at the Capstone. More information

Erotic Art at The Gallery, Stanhope Street

ART The third installment of The Gallery’s popular Erotic Art exhibition has kicked off – this time featuring work from acclaimed fine artist Matthew Stradling, award-winning photographer Gregory Brown and digital artist Robert Babylon amongst others. It’s strictly adults only, as you’d imagine. The Baltic Triangle never felt so titillating. More information

Wet Nuns at the Kazimier, 28th February

GIG Not only to they get points for having one of the best band names in the UK, Wet Nuns are also actually really bloody good. The bluesy thrill-rock duo aim to destroy the Kazimier this Thursday, along with local punks Salem Rages. £7. Facebook event

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