Loved Ones album launch, Scandinavian Church, 29th June

GIG One of a raft of great Mersey artists releasing new music this year, lush post-pop boys Loved Ones celebrate the launch of their eagerly anticipated debut album at the gorgeous Scandi Church this Saturday. Legendary Wirral prog punk wizards The Laze make a rare appearance in support, along with the rather exciting Nadine Carina. Highly recommended. Facebook event

Miranda July – We Think Alone

COOL THING An in-box compendium of themed emails, curated by Miranda July, the Tip of My Tongue is a new commission from Sweden’s excellent Magasin 3. Each Monday, from July 1 to November 10, 2013, a series of ten emails will arrive – from an amazing group of contributors including Kirsten Dunst, Sheila Heti and Kareen Abdul Jabbar. More information

Undulatus Asperatus: A new type of cloud?

SKY Any day now, the World Meteorological Association will decide whether the Undulatus Asperatus can be classified as a new type of cloud (the first since 1951). The cloud, whose name more or less translates as ‘roughened or agitated waves’ makes for some mighty fine Google Image surfing, with its pendulous, otherwordly curves making the sky look like one huge Coke float. Go hit it up. Google Image search: Undulatus Aperatus.

On Being – American Public Media

PODCAST Navigating the choppy waters of ethics, science, spirituality and ideas – this constantly fascinating podcast takes conversation to places few radio programmes in the UK have the space, or inclination to go to. From atheism to astronomy, neuroscience to parenting, host Krista Tippett tackles the Big Questions with a lightness of touch that enables all of us to go along on the journey. More information

Simone Felice at the Kazimier, 27th June

GIG One of the talented Felice Brothers, and a bit of a hero of Mumford & Sons’ (though don’t let that put you off), songwriter and author Simone Felice heads to the Kaz this Thursday, bringing with him a songbook of aching, heartbreak folk and bittersweet Catskills Mountain pop. Simone’s gone through some pretty heavy experiences – the loss of a child, and a couple of close brushes with death – all reflected in his woozy writing. Paul Straws supports. Tickets

Make an origami elephant

FINGERS Bored at work? How about learning some paper folding to pass the time? This lovely little elephant (or, if you’re as bad at it as us, more like a mashed up giraffe) will take pride of place on your desk. Practise makes perfect. More information

Windcatcher Air Pad

INVENTION Sick of huffing away at blow-up lilos and air beds? Us too. We don’t have the lung capacity for it anymore. This rather genius new Rapid Inflation Technology means inflation takes just seconds, rather than hours. Or days. We don’t quite understand how it works, but it’s massively impressive and we can’t wait for it to be industry standard. More information

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