Hot Rum Cow magazine

PUBLISHING A magazine all about drink? Correct. The second issue of this great little independent mag’s just been published, and inside you can find everything from a visit to Britain’s smallest pub, a guide on how to make a cider press, and a nostalgic look at everyone’s favourite trashy tipple, Babycham. Brilliant.

Wave Machines, Pollen (Neapolitan)

ALBUM Luxuriant, sexy and addictive – you’ll not find pop with any more shimmer this side of Alphabet Street. Wave Machines have come back with a stormer of a new set, as single I Hold Loneliness testifies. You can hear five tracks on Spotify. But, really, you owe it to yourself to wrap the entire album around you. Beats a onesie. Listen on Spotify

The Underground Playground at Williamson Tunnels, 26th January

EVENT New local promoters Lemon Collective reinvent the variety show at their debut night this Saturday: expect comedy, music, art and fun. Manchester comedy duo Him and Me riff on the world of advertising, 16 piece Mersey gang The Fire Beneath The Sea fly the flag with their socially conscious rap, and there’ll even be advertising-themed artwork to explore and engage with. Recommended.

Bone Conduction headphones

KIT We’d all like four ears. Would make it much easier to listen to super stereo sound when we’re running, and keep an ear out for that killer Kia Picanto. Bone conducting headphones send our power tracks to our head via our cheekbones. And this new set from Panasonic beam our Ace of Bass directly into our skull. Pure, undiluted pleasure.

Building Stories by Chris Ware

BOOK Oversized and hugely ambitious graphic novel (well, more a set of graphic novels) from master of the art form Chris Ware. We’ve just finished our journey, and highly recommend it. The box contains a set of stories telling the lives of those sharing an apartment complex. Emotionally complex, and thoroughly satisfying. The graphic novel just had a growth spurt. Amazon

Riven on iPad

GAME Yeah, it sort of cost us most of our friends when it first came out, such was the addition. So we’re probably gonna spend a lonely rest of the winter as Myst’s baffling and beautiful sequel, Riven, hits the App store this week. Clear some room (on your tablet, and in your life) for this complex and utterly captivating first-person immersive adventure. App Store

Wilson Minds

MUSIC Local songwriter Wilson has been working with Blur producer Chris Potter, and he’s set to release EP ‘Face It Cracks’ this February. The title track is a woozy post-Coral style twangy blues ditty, complimented perfectly by the sun-scorched video, nicked from a 70s Spielberg movie.

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