Game of Thrones

TELLY Tonight’s the night (if you’ve got Sky, or are paying £15 a month for Sky Go on your iPad) for the premiere of Season Three of Game of Thrones. If you recall, Stannis’ forces were crushed at the Battle of Blackwater, and the evil Joffrey is still on the Iron Throne. And what’s going on with those dragons? All, some, or possibly none of our burning questions will be revealed tonight. But we can’t wait, either way.

Hookworms at Blade Factory, 4th April

GIG Liverpool Psych Fest branch out again for another show in the Baltic Triangle – this time, it’s Leeds-based psychedelic boys Hookworms, who make fuzzy, 60s-tinged weirdo pop – sort of like the Beach Boys playing underwater after a couple of space cakes. Recommended. £6/8pm.Facebook event

The Social Order of New York’s Cats

WORDS Believe it or not, cats actually existed before the internet. This post on brilliant nerdblog Brain Pickings looks at an out-of-print book on New York’s hidden underbelly – more specifically, a section detailing the heirarchy of 1960s NYC felines. It is, as we’d hoped, a little bit like Top Cat. View more

The new Finnish passport…

VIDEO …is a flipbook of a moose walking. Amazing.

The Lighthouse, Alison Moore (Salt Publishing)

BOOK A book about perfume, memories, childhood and a fateful beef and onion pie… Moore’s Booker shortlisted book is rich, heady and hugely accomplished first book – its concentric narrative circles gradually drawing you in to its brutal climax.

Vanishing Spirits by Ernie Button

PHOTOGRAPHY What does your whisky look like? Ernie Button was putting a Scotch glass left out overnight into the dishwasher when he noticed a chalky film on the bottom of the glass. He held it up to the light and, upon closer inspection, could see a series of fine, lacy lines running tracing out a landscape of tiny hills and valleys. And thus was born Vanishing Spirits: The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch, an ongoing photographic essay, and a series of ethereal, otherworldly images of your favourite malts. View more

1 Second Everyday App Preview Demo from Cesar Kuriyama on Vimeo.

1 Second Every Day

APP For the past couple of years, Cesar Kuriyama has been recording 1 Second Every Day. It’s a nice, concise way of documenting life. He’s had such good feedback, and people have responded so passionately about it, he’s releasing his own app where you can record your own 1 second a day – like a super easy to use mini diary. It looks great.

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