I Have A Bad Feeling About This fundraiser

MOVIE Last year Laura Purcell, Alan Donohoe and Jamie Williamson raised enough money to shoot their microbudget sci-fi slacker movie ‘I Have A Bad Feeling About This’. Inspired by the likes of Clerks and Spaced, the suburban Liverpool adventure was shot last summer in the city. But now they need your help: the team need some extra cash to polish off the movie’s visual FX, music and audio before the film can be finished, and submitted it to next year’s all-important film festivals. They’re running a campaign on IndieGoGo: spare a few quid for a decent, homegrown film, and get some goodies (DVDs and the like) in return. More information

O-Very Charity Cake Bake at Leaf, 22nd March

EVENT In aid of the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, North West Cancer Research are holding a bumper bake-off: and you’re invited to bring your best efforts along to join in. BBC3’s affable documentary maker Cherry Healey returns for a second year to judge the competition alongside Masterchef: The Professionals winner Claire Lara. After your entry’s been judged in its category, cakes are sliced and sold to raise cash for NWCR. Yum. More information

Mother Jones

WEBSITE We’ve admired online mag, Mother Jones, for a while now. A liberal, self-aware, smart and sassy take on politics, culture and the absurdities of US life. You’ll never get them writing a po-faced piece – they’re too busy writing short, sharp essays about stuff than navel gazing. And their recent takedown of SXSW is an excellent case in point. Read it here

Dodo Magazine

MAG This completely insane-slash-genius concept means that Dodo Magazine has a print run of just a single copy. Do you want it? You’ll have to go on a hunt, as it’s buried in a treasure chest somewhere in the world. Makes a change from fingering Take-a-Break in a WH Smiths, doesn’t it? More information

Everything Sounds podcast

PODCAST So you arrive in a new city, and you want to get under its skin. What you gonna do? Take a Blue Badge guided tour? Or take the Everything Sounds podcast with you – offering audio tours with a difference. Try walking round the Bronx with Africa Bambaataa on a psychogeography expedition that sort of encourages you to get lost. Just one of the voyages (both in the real world, and internally) brought to you by the amazing Everything Sounds collective. More information

John Smith at Epstein Theatre, 22nd March

GIG Acclaimed modern folk hero John Smith – the man with the least Google-friendly name in history – is back in Liverpool this Friday for a set at the gorgeous Epstein. Bringing with him tracks from his latest opus ‘Great Lakes’, the critically lauded Smith takes you on swooning, swooping, heartbreaking journeys in every single song. Recommended. Facebook event

The History of Emoticons

READ This essay by Tom McCormack looks at the emoticon’s origins, its path through the internet’s growth, and where it’s heading. Interesting. Our favourite emoticon, in case you were wondering, the ‘look of disgust and/or shock’- D: Read more

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