WEBSITE Into Instagram? Can’t stop snapping? Well, how about taking some of your washed-out wonders into the real world, and turning ’em into magnets? This rather great new service is part of a swathe of new Instagram-printing services cropping up on the web, and it’s ace. They’ll turn 9 of your pics into square magnets for about £9, which means your fridge will be the coolest photography gallery in the city. Plus shipping’s free. →

The Medium is the Medium at Camp and Furnace, 22nd September

BIENNIAL This weekend sees the Biennial’s first full weekend of activity, and there’s a discussion, put together by local art blog The Double Negative, on critical art writing. Eternally quizzical Miranda ‘Bunny’ Sawyer is among the guests, with Tate Liverpool’s new head honcho Franceso Manacorda chairing. Booking: →

Colin Wilkinson’s Fotolore

WEBSITE The Streets of Liverpool man, Colin Wilkinson, launches a new site this week – – bringing Liverpool’s history to life through photographs and memories. Trust us, you’ll log on and easily lose an afternoon. The man himself talks about it here. →

Ramblings with Clare Balding, Radio 4, 20th September

RADIO Our sister site in the country, SevenStiles (you know, the one that slags off Desperate Farmerswives?) is very excited, as are we, that summer’s golden girl, Clare Balding, brings her bucolic Radio 4 series, Ramblings, back this week. Escape the city for half an hour, and let Baldy take you on an auditory amble through the quirks and contours of the British countryside. More information →

81 Ltd

BAR One of our favourite places in Liverpool has all the elements we look for in a bar. Expert cocktails, eclectic soundtrack (Men Without Hats, anyone?) and more than a dash of theatre. For a speakeasy with a delicious slice of secrecy, the URL you’ll need is Any more than that is on a need to know basis. More information →

Lizzie Nunnery – Black Hound Howling

ALBUM Liverpool polymath, Lizzie Nunnery releases her second album, Black Hound Howling (with Vidar Norheim) this week. It’s a hauntingly beautiful collection of ballads. Richly lyrical, of course – but with a wider sonic template than her debut it’s a satisfying leap forward. ‘Sand’ especially, is pure delight. →

Grizzly Bear – Shields

ALBUM One of the loveliest bands on the planet, Grizzly Bear return this week with another full-length full of gleaming, and slightly creepy, indie-rock. The ‘Bear always manage to tread a fine line between anthemic, beautiful and unnerving, and this new album sees them do it with a newfound confidence. Stream it here, via the always brilliant NPR, or listen to choice cut ‘Yet Again’ below.

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